Topic Selection Workshops for NCPR 2015Research Project

The 4 departments of National Centre for Policy Researches of Kabul University (Law and Political Sciences, Peace and Conflict Studies, Economics and Social Sciences) held consultative workshops consecutively on 11th, 18th, 25th and 30th of November to rate topics for their 2015 research projects. The participants, altogether 110 experts in the areas of law, political sciences, economics, sociology, psychology, peace, human rights and anthropology, representing universities, think tanks, ministries, private sectors, civil societies including the academy of sciences, discussed extensively the topics suggested by the respective departments and expressed their views. At the end they rated the topics laid out in questionnaires based on the priorities and relevance that they held for each topic, to be researched by NCPR departments. After the questionnaires are analyzed, the research topic of each department will be determined for 2015.