Two days Conference in Herat University

On 20th and 21st of May 2015, KAS the partner and donor of NCPR, hold a two-day conference in Herat University by participation of lecturers, students of Herat University and civil society members. In the first day of this seminar, Dr. Safi, Professor of Law and Political Sciences faculty of Kabul University had presented his Presentation on “Human Rights” and Associate Prof. Hakimi, head of law and Political Sciences Departments of NCPR, presented his speech regarding the result of the said department’s’ research project “Effects of Unemployment on Intensity of Insecurity in Afghanistan”. On second day, Associate Prof. Khairkhah head of Peace and Conflict Studies Department of NCPR talked on the result of “The Role of Employment in Peacebuilding” and Mr. Nawayee NCPR’s Peace and Conflict Studies Department’s Assistant, presented his presentation on “Language in Communication”.