Launching ‘Role of Media in Peacebuilding’ Research Report

The findings of Peace and Conflict Studies Department research on ‘The Role of Media in Peacebuilding’ were discussed in a gathering in international press Centre Hall of Ministry of Information and Culture on November 9. In this gathering, Professor Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad, the director of NCPR, talked about the research and activities of NCPR since its foundation. After that, Sayida Mozhgan Mostafawi, deputy minister in publication affairs, recognized the efforts of the researchers who had worked on the research and emphasized on the importance and impact of media in our society. She reiterated that the literature of war abounds more than a literature that supports peace. She hoped that literature of peace and tolerance replace the literature of war and violence. Associate Professor Khairuddin Khairkhah, the head of Peace and Conflict Studies Department of this centre talked about the challenges facing research work and added that there were two kinds of war, namely physical war sustained by militants and armed opposition and psychological war spread through rumors and broadcast of violent scenes that harms human mind and psyche. At the end, Dr. Sayed JafarAhmadi, one of the researchers discussed the findings, methodology and the tools used in the research and answered the questions.