Department of Law & Political Sciences Studies­
  1. Role of Law in Afghanistan and How to Improve it. (2nd edition­) (2017)
  2. Circumstances of Election System in Afghanistan after the Adoption of 2004 Constitution (2016)
  3. Administrative Reforms and the Legitimacy of Regime(2015)
  4. Unemployment and its Effects on Intensity of Insecurity in Afghanistan (2014)
  5. Successes and Challenges of Afghanistan Foreign Policy After the Elected Government (2013).  summary
  6. Administrative Corruption in Afghanistan and its Solutions (2012). Summary
  7. Ensuring Security in Afghanistan After the Foreign Troops Fallback (2011)
  8. Judiciary Reforms and it's Independence in Afghanistan (­2010)
  9. Role of Law in Afghanistan and How to Improve it (2009)
  10. Cause of Political Instability in Afghanistan (2008)

Department of Eco­nomics ­

    1. Causes of Poverty in Afghanistan and Possible Ways of Reducing it. (3rd edition) (2017)
    2. Afghanistan as a Trade and Transit Corridor: Opportunities and Challenges. (2017)
    3. Enhancement of Revenue Sources of Afghan Government: Opportunities and Challenges. (2015).
    4. Potential Possibilities of Import Substitution in Afghanistan (2014)
    5. Unemployment: Causes and its Economics Outcomes during Recent Years in Afghanistan (2013).  Summary
    6. Situation of Transit and Trade Between Afghanistan and Pakistan During 2002- 2010 (2012).  Summary
    7. Economical Achievements and Challenges of Afghanistan during 2002- 2009 (2011)
    8. Development & Strengthening of Agriculture Sector and its Impact on the Economy of Afghanistan (2010)
    9. The outcome of Market Economy System in Afghanistan (2010)
    10. Causes of Slow Rate of Economic Development in Afghanistan (2010)
    11. Causes of Poverty in Afghanistan and Possible Ways of Reduction it  (2008)

    Department of Social Sciences

    1.  Causes of Violence Increment Against Women in Afghanistan(2016)
    2. Administrative Corruption and its Social Effects in Afghanistan(2015)
    3. The Situation of in- Service Teacher Training Program of Ministry of Education (2014)
    4. The Attitudes of Students and Teachers about MoE New Textbooks (2013)
    5. The Problem of Homelessness in Kabul City (2012). Summary
    6. Situation of Curriculum, Syllabus and Credit System at Kabul University (2011)
    7. The Crises of Social Trust in Afghanistan: Causes and Ways of Solution (2011)
    8. Emigration of Afghanistan and Their Return to Afghanistan: Factors and its Social Outcomes (2010)
    9. Effect of Media on Student’s Intellectual Development (2010)
    10. Unemployment and its Social Negative Impacts in Afghanistan (2009)
    11. The Criteria of Sustainable Peace and Security in Afghanistan (2009)

    Department of Peace & Conflict Studies

    1. The Role of Regional Countries on Afghanistan’s Peacebuilding (2017)
    2. High Peace Council: Activities and Achivements(2016)
    3. Being Genuine:Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real(2015)
    4. Life Skill(2015)
    5. Role of Media in Peacebuilding(2015)
    6. The Role of Employment in Peacebuilding (2014)
    7. Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life (2nd edition­) (2013). ­Download Book
    8. Role of Universities and Higher Education Institutes in Peace Building in Afghanistan (2013). Summary
    9. Conflict Studies and Peace Education (2013)
    10. Pathways to Peace (2012)
    11. Conflict Transformation (2012)
    12. Strategic Negotiation (2012)
    13. Working with Conflict (2012)
    14. Trauma Healing (2012)
    15. Role of Education in Building Peace in Afghanistan (2012) Summary
    16. Peace from the View of Islam How to Ensure it in Afghanistan (2011)
    17. Role of Religious Scholars and Tribal Leaders in Promoting Peace Process in Afghanistan (2011)
    18. A Common Voice of Peace (2010)
    19. Values and Peace Education (2010)
    20. Essay Collection on the Drug Addiction (2010)

    GARF's Small Research Projects:

    1. Kabul University Students Interest in Information and Research Centers at this University (2017) (Social Sciences Department)
    2. Effect of Media on Student's Intellectual Development (2010) (Social Sciences Department)
    3. Deliberation of External Causes of individuals of Robbery in the Second half of 2006 (2008) (Law and Political Sciences Department)
    4. Micro Credit to Women and its Impacts on Economics Activities of Households (2008) (Economic Department)
    5. The Impacts Analysis of Women's Education and Work on their Households Economic Situation (2008) (Economic Department)
    6. The Obstacle of Implementing Democracy in Afghanistan from the Viewpoint of Kabul University Professors (2008) (Law and Political Sciences Department)
    7. The Role of Media on Dispersion of Luxurious Attitudes in Kabul City (2008) (Social Sciences Department)
    8. Investigating the most Important Factors for Girls' Scaping from Homes in Kabul City (2008) (Social Sciences Department)

    Essay Collection:

    1. Essay Collection 2016
    2. Essay Collection 2013
    3. Essay Collection 2011
    4. Essay Collection 2010
    5. Essay collection 2009


    1. International Economic Law. Author:Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad (2017)
    2. Building Happiness, Resilience and Motivation in Adolescents: a Positive Psychology Curricula for Wellbeing: Author: Ruth MacConvile and Tina Rae (2012), (translation to Dari) Mr. Noorullah Navayee (2017)
    3. Human Capital and its Role in Economic Growth of Afghanistan: Associate Professor Abdul Malek Halimi (2017)
    4. An Investigation of (PTSD) among Afghanistan Teenagers and Preliminary Analysis of their Needs. Researcher: Associate Professor Khairuddin Khairkhah (2017)
    5. Regional Economics. Author: Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad (2016)
    6. Macroeconomics Principles. Author: Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad (2016)
    7. Challenges of Human Resources Management in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan. Author: Researcher Arefa Paikar (2016).
    8. Basics of Microeconomics. Author: Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad (2015)
    9. Some Topics of Economic's MA- Program. Author: Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad (2014)
    10. Islamic Economics and Banking. Author: Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad (2014)
    11. Bankbetriebslehre (Band III). Author: Dr. M. Naim Assad (2013)
    12. Bankbetriebslehre (Band II). Author: Dr. M. Naim Assad (2012)
    13. Researcher Articles of Manfred Worner Award Winner 2011/2012- NATO (2012)
    14. Guide of Statistic and Research. Author: Assistant Prof. Najibullah Totakhail (2012)
    15. Social Market Economy (2nd Edition). Translated by: : Dr. Noor Ebad/ Dr. Behbod (2011)
    16. Researcher Articles of Manfred Worner Award Winner2010/ 2011.- NATO (2011)
    17. Bankbetrieb (Band I). Author: Dr. M. Naim Assad (2011)
    18. Weakness of the Market Economy and the Need for Government Interference. Author: Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad (2011)
    19. Grundzugue der Doppelten Buchhaltung (translation in Dari) Author: Dr. M. Naim Assad (2010)
    20. Principal of General Business Management. Author: Prof. Dr. Nazir Ahmad Shahidi (2010)