Educational Program for Top Students of Kabul University
In order to build capacities of Kabul University top students, NCPR is holding Research Methodology Course (German-Afghan Research Forum - GARF-XII) for 36 students of second and third year of social sciences faculties of Kabul University. This workshop started on 15th of April 2017 and will continue for four part time weeks, in Konrad Adenauer Conference Hall of this centre. In this program the basic Principles of Research Methodology including types of scientific research, problems, importance and goals of research, methods of data collection, sampling methods, research design, quantitative and qualitative analysis and how to write a scientific research report are taught.  After completing the course, students are required to work on simple research projects.   

German- Afghan Research Forum “GARF” Program in Balkh University
6 days research methodology training program in social sciences had been held for 34 male and female lecturers of Balkh University in central library’s hall of the said University on 26th November 2016. In this program the basic and key points of research methodology like philosophy of research, purpose of research, specialties of research, usage of computer and methods of statistic in research, methods of data collection, sampling in scientific research, basics of sampling,  design  research and report writing has been  taught. The program was completed by certificates distribution ceremony in presence of authorized representative of Balkh University’s on 1st December 2016. 

Monograph Writing Program in Nangarhar University
6 days Monograph writing and seminar presentation Program had been held for 44 senior students of education faculty on 8th October 2016 in Nangarhar University. The program taught students how to conduct an academic research and present an academic seminar and how to write their monographs and also addressed questions that student face while preparing their monographs. The program completed by certificates distribution ceremony on October 12.

Advanced Training Program on Accounting and Finance
National Center for Policy Research of Kabul University in cooperation with GIZ held a training program on “Advanced Financial Training” for 31 staff of Supreme Audit Office from 6th August – 1st October 2016 at the headquarter of SAO. The subjects of this program were “Financial Accounting, Financial Management and Administrative and Financial Report Writing”. The program was instructed by professional lecturers of Economic Faculty of Kabul University. 

Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation Trainings in Kabul University

Around 37 fourth year students of Social Sciences Faculty of Kabul University were trained in a ten day monograph writing and seminar presentation. The training was held in June, where the problems of students in respect of scientific writing and presentation was heard and addressed. It is set that similar trainings will be held for economics, public administration and Public Policy students by the center.


Capacity Building Program for MPs

National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR) and Centre for International Private Enterprises (CIPE) completed 8 rounds of workshop for some members of parliament who were interested in learning on 2nd November 2015. These workshops addressed subject matters such as Supporting Domestic Products and Its Impact on National Economy, Causes and Consequences of Economic Recession, Impacts of Inflation on Economy, Entrepreneurial Ethics, Role of Private Sector in Tackling Unemployment, Budget and Budgeting, War Economy and Its Impacts.


GARF Program for Top Students of Kabul University
The tenth program of German-Afghan Research Forum (GARF-X) was held from May 12 to May 27. 43 students from social science faculties of Kabul University benefited from this academic capacity building program. Their learning was evaluated on June 15, and those who passed received their certificates. They will work on small research projects that are supervised and facilitated by NCPR heads of departments.

Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation Program at Kabul University
NCPR held monograph writing and seminar presentation programs for more than 400 students of faculties of Economics, Journalism, Public Administration and Policy, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Social Sciences and Language and Literature of Kabul University. The seminars were held from April 29 till May 20, 2015. These programs were held at the afternoons at each faculty from April 29 till May 20, 2015. The programs aimed to train the students in how to write their final papers scientifically and how to present it.

The Last Round of Capacity Building Program for MoE Employees
National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR) and German International Cooperation (GIZ) completed “The Last Round of Capacity Building Program for Senior Employees of Ministry of Economy (MoE)” from northern zone of Afghanistan on 22nd of April. In this round employees for the economy directorates of Kabul, Balkh, Badakhshan, Takhar, Baghlan, Jawzjan, Samangan and Konduz presented their statistical reports they have prepared using a softwarein NCPR conference hall and the reports were evaluated by the trainers of the program. In the closing ceremony held in Park Star Hotel, the trained employees presented the learned skills and activities in the form of an exhibition to the senior official of the ministry and others participants. The new minister of ministry of economy, Mr. Abdul Satar Morad, NCPR director, Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad and GIZ representative spoke and then the exhibition was inaugurated by cutting the ribbon. Similar programs will be held for ME employees in other provinces as well.


Capacity Building Program for Lecturers and Students of Nangarhar and Kunar Universities
National Centre for Policy Research held two separate capacity building programs for lecturers and students of Nangarhar and Sayeed Jamaluddin Afghan Universities. The research methodology in social sciences workshop was held from 14th to 20th January in Education Faculty of Nangarhar University by participation of 34 lecturers of this faculty and some graduate students. Same program was held at Sayeed Jamaluddin University, for 42 lecturers and students of social sciences faculties from 22nd to 28th of January 2015.

Monograph Writing Program in Nangarhar University
NCPR held a Monograph Writing and Academic Seminar Presentation course for 50 fourth year students of Nangarhar University. Held from 20 to 25 April, the program, academic standards of writing a monograph and presenting a seminar were presented to the participants and their problems and questions were addressed.

The Educational Program of GARF for the Students of Kabul University
To improve the capacity of 40 students from Kabul University the eighth educational course of GARF VIII (German-Afghan Research Forum) began on the 13th of April in ­Konrad Adenauer Hall. Participants are the students of second and third year so social sciences faculties of Kabul University who have been chosen selectively based on their grades in the classes. The course, as a complementary program, trains them in research methodology in social sciences. The participants who finish this course will have the chance on a small research project with support and advice of NCPR. Like previous years, similar courses will be held in provincial universities too.


Educational Programs of Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation
More than 400 students of Kabul University benefit from Educational Program of Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation that is conducted by of NCPR. This program that began on April 29 will cover fourth year students from seven faculties of social and human sciences. The participants will learn in a ten day course how to write an academic project (monograph) as the condition of their graduation and how to present an academic seminar. 


Completion of the GARF (VIII) for Kabul University Students
To enhance the academic capacity of the Kabul University students, the program of German-Afghan Research Forum ‘GARF’–VII was conducted for 45 students of second and third year classes of social sciences faculties of Kabul University. The program taught research methodology to the participants for one month (Apr 13–May 12). The graduates of the course took a test on May 19th and received certificates on May 26th 2013.

Monograph Writing Programs in Konar and Paktia Provinces
51 students of the 4th year of Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan University (in Konar Province), and 150 students of Paktia University benefited from monograph writing and seminar presentation courses which were presented by NCPR. The intensive course on the mentioned topic was held in Konar Province from 28th of May to 3rd of June and the problems of the students in this respect were addressed. In Paktia University, the course was stared on June 1 and continued for a month. To distribute the certificates a gathering was held in the aforesaid university on 6th of July, in which, a representative from NCPR and the provincial authority of Paktia and University chancellor and professors participated. 

GARF Educational Program for the Lecturers of Konduz University
NCPR trained 40 lecturers of Kunduz University in an intensive training program of research methodology from 24th to 29th of August. The training was conducted in Kunduz University. The chancellor and other members of Kunduz University described the program very vital for building the academic capacity of the lecturers. They called for further cooperation between NCPR and Kunduz University.
GARF Program in Herat and Laghman Universities
NCPR held the research methodology courses of GARF (German-Afghan Research Forum) for 38 students from private universities in Herat and for 41 young lecturers of Laghman University. This program in Herat continued from October 26 to November 28 and in Laghman was held from 28 October to 3 November. The main theories and techniques of research methodology was taught and discussed with the participants of these courses.




Survey Analysis Course for Top Students
Some of the graduates of NCPR’s GARF program benefited from an educational course on survey analysis which was offered by Asia Foundation. 15 students were introduced to this program by NCPR to take part in the course which began on August 26. The participants of this program learned new knowledge and skills of research and survey for a period of three weeks.

Capacity Building Program for Parliament and Provincial Council Members
NCPR and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) completed, according to their plan, the program for building capacities of interested MPs and their assistants. This program taught issues such as banking system, Islamic banking, monetary policy in the light of banking law, principles of commercial contracts, value-added tax, intellectual property rights and democracy. The training for senators will set out soon and the similar training for provincial councils is under way now.

Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation Program in Kapisa NCPR offered a program on monograph writing and academic seminar presentation for 32 fourth year students of Alberoni University. This program was held on 25 -31 December, and the subject of monograph writing and academic seminar presentation was taught for the participants and their problems in relation to these topics were addressed.

GARF Programs in 2013
NCPR has offered GARF programs (research methodology in social sciences) and monograph writing in various public universities and private higher education institutes of Afghanistan. In GARF programs that have been offered in Kabul, Herat, Parwan, Laghman and Kunduz, 200 young lectures and students (40 students from Kabul University) have been trained. In monograph writing and seminar presentation trainings that have been offered in Kabul, Nangarhar, Paktia, Kapisa and Konar, 700 students have completed the program, 400 of whom were from Kabul University.