Workshop on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Restorative Circles
The Department of Peace and Conflict Studies (PCSD) of NCPR is holding a series of workshops on Nonviolent Communication for university students. These workshops aim at training students in skills that enable them to develop positive and peaceful behaviors and attitudes. The first round of workshops began on May 6 where 14 people are trained, and the next rounds will continue throughout the year after a break for the month of Ramadan. Totally 120 students will benefit from these workshops this year.

Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation Program at Kabul University
NCPR held the first round of monograph writing and seminar presentation programs for more than 125 students of faculties of Law and Political Sciences, Social Sciences and Educational Sciences of Kabul University. These programs are held in the afternoons at each mentioned faculties from April 15 till April 26, 2017. The programs aim to training the students in how to write their final papers scientifically and how to present them.

Educational Program for Top Students of Kabul University
In order to build capacities of Kabul University top students, NCPR is holding Research Methodology Course (German-Afghan Research Forum - GARF-XII) for 36 students of second and third year of social sciences faculties of Kabul University. This workshop started on 15th of April 2017 and will continue for four part time weeks, in Konrad Adenauer Conference Hall of this centre. In this program the basic Principles of Research Methodology including types of scientific research, problems, importance and goals of research, methods of data collection, sampling methods, research design, quantitative and qualitative analysis and how to write a scientific research report are taught.  After completing the course, students are required to work on simple research projects.   

German- Afghan Research Forum “GARF” Program in Balkh University
6 days research methodology training program in social sciences had been held for 34 male and female lecturers of Balkh University in central library’s hall of the said University on 26th November 2016. In this program the basic and key points of research methodology like philosophy of research, purpose of research, specialties of research, usage of computer and methods of statistic in research, methods of data collection, sampling in scientific research, basics of sampling,  design  research and report writing has been  taught. The program was completed by certificates distribution ceremony in presence of authorized representative of Balkh University’s on 1st December 2016.