Afghanistan between Electoral Reforms and 2016 Parliament and District Council Elections

On Sunday 7th of August 2016, the Konrad- Adenauer- Stiftung (KAS), in cooperation with its partner, National Centre for Policy Research of Kabul University, held a conference on “Afghanistan between Electoral Reforms and 2016 Parliament and District Council Elections” in ...... more

Monograph Writing and Seminar Presentation Trainings in Kabul University

Around 37 fourth year students of Social Sciences Faculty of Kabul University were trained in a ten day monograph writing and seminar presentation. The training was held in June, where the problems of students in respect of scientific writing and presentation was heard and ...... more

New Publications

To improve the quality of higher education in Afghanistan the center has published two textbooks on ‘Macroeconomics - Principles’ and ‘Regional Economics’, both written by Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad to be taught in Economics faculties of Afghanistan universities. A ...... more

GARF Program of Kabul University Students

The eleventh annual course on research methodology in social sciences (German – Afghan Research Forum ‘GARF’ XI) was held in Konrad Adenauer hall of this centre, where 26 top students of Kabul University were trained from April 9 to May 3. The training was conducted in ...... more

Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles Workshops for Dormitory Students

A series of seven workshops were held for the students who lodge in Kabul University dormitories from October 10 to November 25. Each workshop consisted of three full consecutive days on Nonviolent Communication (NCV) and tow half days sessions on introducing Restorative ...... more

Launching ‘Role of Media in Peacebuilding’ Research Report

The findings of Peace and Conflict Studies Department research on ‘The Role of Media in Peacebuilding’ were discussed in a gathering in international press Centre Hall of Ministry of Information and Culture on November 9. In this gathering, Professor Dr. Hamidullah Noor ...... more

Capacity Building Program for MPs

National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR) and Centre for International Private Enterprises (CIPE) completed 8 rounds of workshop for some members of parliament who were interested in learning on 2nd November 2015. These workshops addressed subject matters such Supporting ...... more

Two days Conference in Herat University

On 20th and 21st of May 2015, KAS the partner and donor of NCPR, hold a two-day conference in Herat University by participation of lecturers, students of Herat University and civil society members. In the first day of this seminar, Dr. Safi, Professor of Law and Political ...... more

GARF X for Top Students of Kabul University

To improve the capacity of top students of Kabul University, research methodology course (German-Afghan Research Forum ‘GARF’ –X) began on 12- 27 May in Konrad Adenauer hall of NCPR. 43 students of second and third year of Kabul University benefited from this course. After ...... more

Research Methodology and Data Based Advocacy Training programs

The “Research Methodology and Data Based Advocacy Training” program for totally 385 members of Afghan Civil Society Election Network (ACSEN) hold through NCPR- DI on 29 March- 5 May 2015, (for 11 phase, each two days for 35 participants). The aim of this course was to ...... more
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