Thanks and appreciation for the work and service of the former director of the National Center for Policy Research (NCPR) at Kabul University and the introduction of its new Director

Date of Publication: Jul 10, 2018

The ceremony for thanking and appreciating the workmanship of the Honorable Professor Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad, former Director of the National Center for Policy Research (NCPR) and Professor at the Economics Faculty of Kabul University, and introduction of Associate Prof.  Abdul Baqi Banwal, as the New Director of this center was conducted on Monday, Jul 10, 2018 in the academic council of Kabul University.
Associate Professor Hamidullah Farooqi, the Chancellor of Kabul University and advisor minister to the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in higher education affairs, Deputy Directors, Deans of faculties, a number of heads of departments, officials, and staff of NCPR were presented in the ceremony
The program was officially launched by the recitation of verses from holy Quran, then Associate Prof. Hamidullah Farooqi appreciated the efforts and services of Dr. Hamidullah Noor Ebad, as the former Director of NCPR and professor of economics faculty. He also appreciated the achievements and efforts of Dr. Noor Ebad over ten years of his service at this center. NCPR has been able to help thousands of lecturers and students to take research methodology courses through its research projects. He also commended NCPR for being able to publish and provide several volumes of Text-book and teaching materials for university students as well as, the results of more than 100 research projects completed by the professors and students of Kabul University during fifteen years of its activities and making them available to the interested people. Prof. Farooqi much-admired the fundamental efforts and activities of Dr. Noor Ebad, not only for Kabul University, but also for the entire academic community of the country, and asked him to continue his cooperation with Kabul University and NCPR, in improving and implementing the plan for programs of Kabul University to help this academic center.

Later, Chancellor of Kabul University expressed his congratulations to the distinguished associate professor of Economics Faculty, Abdul Baqi Banwal, who has been appointed as the new director of NCPR at Kabul University. He wished him more achievements, success and prosperity in his duties particularly, to institutionalize scientific research.
In continuation, the honorable associate professor Abdul Baqi Banwal pledged that, with cooperation of the Kabul University and his colleagues at NCPR, he would turn this center into a real Think Tank in the region, and most of its activities will focus on policymaking in close cooperation with Parliament, Ministries and other Government Institutions. This center intends to help the government of Afghanistan through policy making and provision of consultancy and academic advice to make comprehensive efforts in its duties to achieve its goals. Prof. Banwal also appreciated and thanked NCPR's donor (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung) for its support.
Following the opening ceremony of the program, the chancellor of the Kabul University handed over an appreciation letter to the Honorable Professor Hamidullah Noor Ebad for his valuable services and wished his Excellency a good health and wellbeing.

At the end, the new director of NCPR, Prof. Banwal, has been officially introduced to his new office and its staff by the chancellor of the Kabul University and wished him success and prosperity in his daily activities.