Roundtable on Creating Commercial Facilities
National Centre for Policy Research (NCPR), the Centre of International Private Enterprises (CIPE) and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan held this year’s second roundtable on ‘Facilitation of Trade and the Provision of Services in the Light of Provincial Business Agendas Recommendation ’ on December 27. The roundtable, held in Intercontinental Hotel, was attended by professors of Kabul University, MPs, high ranking government officials, representatives of commercial unions, civil society and journalists. The challenges ahead of businesses were discussed in the light of suggestions by entrepreneurs and business persons from Kandahar, Herat, Nangarhar and Balkh and effective practical approaches to tackle these challenges were sought. The results of these discussions and recommendations will be forwarded to relevant authorities.

Promotion of Domestic Products in Afghanistan
On 18 October 2016,a Roundtable on “Promotion of Domestic Products in the Light of Provincial Business Agendas Recommendations” has been hold through National Centre for Policy Research, Center for International Private Enterprise and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries by participation of professors of different faculties of Kabul University, parliamentary members, government representatives, representatives of Commerce and Industries Unions, members of Civil Society and journalists at Kabul Intercontinental Hotel. The roundtable discussed problems ahead of domesticproducts in the light of suggestions by production sector of Kandhar, Balkh, Herat and Nangarhar provinces and sought effective solutions for tackling these problems. Suggestions and perspectives discussed in the roundtable will be forwarded to relevant authorizes.

Roundtable on Problems of Kandahar Industrial Parks

The National Centre for Policy Research of Kabul University and International Center for Private Enterprises held a Roundtable on “Lack of Land and the Problems of Industrial Parks in Kandahar Province” in conference room of Kandahar Commerce and Industry Chamber on February 25, 2015. The Kandahar Acting governor, mayor and heads of other governmental offices, lecturers and students of Kandahar University and representative of private sectors, NCPR’s staff and guests from Kabul had participated in this roundtable. The participants talked about the problems of lack of proper land for industrial parks and other related issues in that province and put forward their suggestions in the mentioned issues. This was the third roundtable of its kind held by the both centres outside Kabul.


Roundtable on ‘Private Sector and Government Policies’
The National Centre for Policy Research and the Center for International Private Emprises (CIPE) held a roundtable titled ‘Participation of Private Sector in the Designing and Making the Economic Policies of the Government and Improving the Position of Afghanistan in IMF’s Economic Activities Grading’. Held in Intercontinental Hotel, the round table brought together the Government officials, MPs, private sector, professors and academics who discu­ssed the topic extensively and suggested their constructive suggestion to improve the situation. One of the main problems identified ahead of private sector in Afghanistan has been its absence of voice in the process of compiling and designing the economic policies of the state which render the policies unfeasible and irrelevant to the actual contexts. This was highlighted in the conference and an emphasis was made for the need of removal of unnecessary rules and regulations imposed by the state which hinder the activities of private sector. The conclusion of the discussion was the emphasis on the participation of private sector in the designing of governments’ policies which will inform those policies in respect to economic and entrepreneurship issues which in turn will lead to the improvement of Afghanistan position in the IMF grading.

Roundtable on Regional Cooperation in South Asia
 The Kabul office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), partner of NCPR, held a roundtable on ‘Regional Cooperation in South Asia’ on October 3. In this roundtable, Dr. Christian Wagner from German Institute for International and Security Affairs shared his findings and experiences with researching on south Asian region. He elaborated on the efforts of India for expanding regional cooperation. The director of NCPR and heads of NCPR departments, representatives from civil and research society had participated in this roundtable. 

Roundtable on Illegal Extortions and Corruption
NCPR and the Center of International Private Enterprises (CIPE) held a roundtable on Illegal Extortions and Corruption, on November 11 in Isteqlal Hotel in Herat. The governor of Herat province, mayor of Herat city, heads of governmental offices, civil society, and university professors and students had participated in this roundtable. The participants discussed on the tremendous challenges facing private sector in relation to extortion and corruption and put forward their views and suggestions to address these challenges. This was the first roundtable of its kind by the tow centers outside Kabul.  


Roundtable on the Structure of Local Forces of Afghanistan
KAS, partner of NCPR, together with two other organizations held a roundtable on the Structure of Local Forces of Afghanistan and International Military Intervention, on November 20 in the Netherlands embassy in Kabul. In this roundtable Mr. Philipp Münch from German Institute for International and Security Affairs shared the findings of his studies in Badakhshan and Konduz on the structures of local forces and the weak role of ISAF in breaking these structures. The director of NCPR, Afghan and foreign diplomats, think tank fellows and interested journalists took part in this roundtable.