Focus Group Discussion of Economics Department
Economics Department of NCPR held a focus group discussion on December 31. 2017 to collect qualitative data for its research project on ‘Economical Outcomes of Capital and Labor Escapement from Afghanistan After 2014’. Ten experts including university lecturers and the members of related governmental and nongovernmental organizations discussed the various aspects of the topic in Conference Hall of this Center and shared their ideas and suggestions.

Workshops for Selecting 2018 Research Topics

Departments of Social Sciences, Law and Political Sciences, Economics and Peace and Conflict Studies of NCPR, held workshops in order to choose 2018 research topics consecutively on 17th , 18th , 19th  and 20th of  December 2017. Participants of these workshops discussed and delivered their opinion regarding to the titles suggested by every department of this Centre, in conclusion of these workshops participants voted for the titles based on priority and relevance. In these workshops 110 experts consisting of lawyers, economists, social scientists, members of governmental and non-governmental organizations including Kabul university professors and researchers of academy of sciences participated. After evaluating of the selections forms, the research topic of each department of this centre will be selected.

Conference on the Impact of US Presidential Election on Afghanistan
The Konrad Adenauer Foundation Office in Kabul, in cooperation with the National Centre for Policy Research, held a one day conference on “the Impact of US Presidential Election on Afghanistan” on May 17th. University lecturers and students, members of Afghanistan Academy of Sciences and civil society attended the conference which was held in Kabul Star Hotel. The possible scenarios and impacts of the US new policy towards of Afghanistan was discussed in the conference, and the main speaker of the conference defined Afghanistan conflict as a regional and international conflict dismissing the views which that consider it as Afghans internal conflict.

Publication and Launching of Causes of Violence Increment against Women in Afghanistan
The findings of research project of Social Sciences Department of this centre, ‘Causes of Violence Increment against Women in Afghanistan’ was published. The report was launched in a ceremony on the occasion of 8th of March “International Woman day” which was hold through NCPR, Kabul University and other partners in Kabul University’s auditorium.  The findings of this research reveals that, harmful traditional practices in society, unhealthy upbringing of children, underage and forced marriages, illiteracy, overpopulated families, impacts of mass broadcasts media are the most important factors for the increment of violence against women in Afghanistan.